A New Contemporary Art Gallery in the centre of Hobart

The TAG Art Gallery is a new contemporary art gallery in the centre of Hobart. We have a gallery team that has over 25 years of art gallery and auction house experience and art-specific academic credentials. We want to bring something new, fresh and exciting to the Tasmania art scene.

The gallery features floor to ceiling glass windows that allow us to actively display works that challenge, compel, inspire and bring joy to both the general public and art lovers alike. We believe this action of making art highly prominent in our day to day existence greatly increases consciousness of the vital role that art plays in making our lives richer, deeper and more meaningful. Our gallery is uniquely positioned to grow the number of people actively involved in the appreciation and collection of art for their personal enjoyment and in turn create more opportunities for artists to connect with new audiences and patrons for their artistic practice.

We will be exhibiting both emerging and leading established artists from Tasmania and across Australia to help us realise our vision.

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'Art is the only way to run away without leaving home.'
Twyla Tharp

Exhibit with the TAG Art Gallery

Other services we offer

Art Commissions

We offer direct artist commissions of work for both private and public clients and institutions.

Art Collection and Design Services

We work with collectors, designers, architects and government departments in the selection and procurement of artworks.

Artwork Leasing and Hire

We have a range of artwork available for competitive leasing and hire for any suitable any application.