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“A Chakra is like a whirling, vortex-like powerhouse of energy. Within our bodies we have seven of these major energy systems.” – Gemma Lynch-Memory

Born in Bathurst , NSW , Gemma Lynch-Memory has held over twenty solo exhibitions and her works have been collected both throughout Australia and internationally and are included in both private and corporate collections. This particular exhibition is a journey through Chakras and our energies, emotions and experiences of life. It is full of colour, energy and texture.  The Chakras : the seven energy centres position throughout the body that help regulate all its processes – are explained in notes and diagrams on the walls next to the various paintings. Lynch Memory’s works are abstract but full of dynamic composition and wonderful colour and some have very thick texture.

Each of the seven chakras is represented, with its signature colour (eg olive green for Anahata ,yellow for Manipura). The works also include text which sometimes run along the unframed borders of the mixed media work. There are also several inspirational works such as Be Truthful (a strong blue composition) or the striking Be Intuitive which is also mainly blue in colour, with the vivid, pulsating lines like radio waves. Be Creative is bright and bold in orange while Be Connected is like a rippling visual mosaic of painted squares rather than marble and has anchoring plain strong segments of colour at the top and bottom.

Just Be is made up of seven neat panels across of various random words portrayed in different fonts and states of visibility. Map of Meaning has a strong vertical composition and consists of various long panels of words, as if in a stream of consciousness literary work.

Two delightful large horizontal works are not part of the series but included in the exhibition – Tribe – with very thick enticing texture and use of oversized Pointillist like dots.

A delight for the eye and the enquiring mind.

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