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  • How To Hang Art

    Hanging art not only needs to be aesthetically correct in relation to the position of the artwork within a space, but it also needs to safely secure the work for any possible damage or the risk of it falling.

    What aesthetically works for you, may not be how someone else feels the work should be presented. Some homes have large expansive white walls with a single bold artwork, while some homes have so much art displayed in them, it can almost be stacked on top of each other. In Europe, where the average home sizes are generally smaller, art collectors may need to hang work closer together ('tighter' in art speak) than in the US and Australia, where home sizes are generally larger.

  • Why We Buy Art

    People who buy art general fall into one of 5 categories. Collectors, Investors, Status Seekers, Interior Designers and Immediate Needs. Collectors can be anyone who loves the process of finding, purchasing and displaying the art they love. It can be a $50 print of $50 million original artwork, depending on the collectors budget. They love all the aspects that motivate the 'collecting' passion. The thrill of the hunt, finding treasures and displaying the final prize. What drives them could be the personal impact of the work, the genre, the artist, active involvement in the arts community or several other factors.