Art is in the eye of the Beholder

Art is in the eye of the Beholder

Life is a collection of moments that make up our human journey. Filled with the sum of our life path, the decisions we make, and the challenges we face. Art is the essence of that human journey and its creation is the reflection of those moments. The people, places, ideas and thoughts that the artist felt compelled to immortalise with their Art. Creative expression is one of our most profound of human qualities. It can affect and move others with a language that is innately personal but is somehow still shared. 

When Art speaks to us, often it is from a place we do not fully understand. 'I just love it', maybe a simple phrase, but within it is the mystic and the profound. What one person loves, another sees no merit. What one person dismisses can also be proclaimed by the multitude. How can Art affect us so differently and yet often so collectively? These enigmas are part of the reason why living with Art has been so central to humanity for thousands of years.

 Art lets us express what speaks to our soul. It takes what is inside us and can show it to the world. We use the artists' language to express ourselves. It is where we get to show ourselves as a work of colour, light and form. Maybe it is because we deeply know that ultimately that is all we truly are. Art strips back the veneer of our external and shows what of us is eternal.

We should all relish the opportunity to live with Art. It possesses the power to transform where we live by highlighting how we live and who we are. If you were to ask anyone who owns Art that they love, you would see it has somehow connected to them. Their life now without it would suffer a loss. They would feel like part of them had been removed. It has somehow made them more than they were without it. How fascinating that the Art we love can affect us in such a profound and spiritual way that it can become part of us?

To live our lives fully and completely, we should all take the time and opportunity to find the Art we love. We should display it proudly in the places where our lives take place and share a hidden part of who we are. We all want to be seen authentically, and the Art we love acts as a magnifying glass for our souls and presents it as a universal language.

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